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Hi, my name is Lily, and I'm the creator and founder of Kind & Simple, LLC!

My passion is environmental care, with a particular interest in wildlife. I've worked with animals throughout my life in one capacity or another, from studying wild howler monkey troops in Panama to working with Rhinos and zebras at the Maryland Zoo to helping domestic animals at a vet clinic in Baltimore. I always knew I wanted to help animals, but for a long time I struggled to identify the best way to make the greatest impact.

Then, in spring 2015 for an out-of-the-box Grad School assignment, I began handcrafting earth-friendly beauty products. I made them for myself and shared them with friends and family but never thought about selling it. That was, of course, until strangers started asking to buy it. The sudden and unexpected increase in demand led me to develop my first shop, Lily's Lotions. Over the next few years a lot changed. I graduated with my Masters in Wildlife Crime Prevention, expanded my product line to include candles, bath, body, and pet products, and in 2017 I quit my dream job as a Zookeeper/Educator to focus on the business full-time. One year later, I rebranded to what we are today:  

Kind & Simple.

Why the change? Once Lily's Lotions became so much more than just lotions, I wanted a name that better represented the foundation of that growth: kindness and simplicity. My products are kind to the Earth, kind to the skin, kind to the senses, and, through donations, kind to wildlife conservation charities. I also focus on the benefits of keeping things simple; simple, easy to understand ingredients; simple packaging; and everything I make is designed with one simple goal:
To help the Earth and everything on it.

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