Plastic Free July (and every other month)

We take Plastic Free pretty seriously over here at Kind & Simple. Our online orders are all packaged using compostable and/or recycled materials. Our box fill is shredded boxes we have lying around the house (some very large orders are sent using compostable packing peanuts I save from fragrance oil deliveries).

shredded packaging fill


Our packaging is almost entirely plastic-free, the only exception to this is our Sugar Scrub Jars (for safety reasons) and we offer plastic-free Refill Bags.

sugar scrub refill bags


Earlier this year we switched our Body Balm Mini jars from plastic lids to metal lids.

body balm mini

 But I think the riskiest switch was changing our Lotion Bar Tubes and Lip Balms to plastic-free packaging.

lotion bars

Honestly, I worried it would impact sales--pushup kraft tubes are pretty unusual in today's market and people don't always know how to use them. But it turns out that lotion bar and lip balm sales increased! This is how retail movements start. Anna Lappe said, “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” and I believe that whole-heartedly. The more people buy pastic-free packaging, the more manufacturers will create plastic-free options, which should drive down the price of plastic-free packaging, and make plastic-free packaging an inexpensive option. Right now, its still kind of a bougie trend in the eyes of manufacturers--so plastic-free packaging prices are SO HIGH. I have faith they'll come down. We just need to keep supporting plastic-free business practices. Easy enough, right? #byestraws #idontneedabag #thanksbutnothanks  

THANK YOU FOR LOVING THE PLANET, YALL! It warms my heart (and not the ocean)!⁠⠀

Environmentally Yours,

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