Fall Gifts for Animal Lovers

Anyone that loves animals, the environment, and Fall weather is sure to love these gifts from Kind & Simple!


1. Coffee Scented Sloth Soy Candles & Moose Wax Melts

sloth soy candle and moose wax melts

For the true coffee fan in your life, these are a real pleaser. The candle features a hand-drawn sloth and the melts have a hand-drawn moose on them, and each includes the name, conservation status, and a fun fact about the animal. They're amazing!


2. Cinnamon Bun Scented Red Panda Soy Candles & Otter Wax Melts

cinnamon bun otter melts red panda candles

Everyone loves the smell of cinnamon buns first thing in the morning, but not everyone has time to make them. These candles and melts are a great way to make your house smell great, or at the very least, trick your friends and family into waking up in the morning.


3. Chocolate Fudge Scented Toucan Soy Candles & Giraffe Wax Melts

chocolate fudge toucan soy candle giraffe wax melts

Everyone loves chocolate! And these candles and wax melts smell just like chocolate fudge, it's remarkable. The Toucan Conservation Candle is made with all-natural soy and burns for ~26 hours. The Giraffe Conservation Melts are made from a soy-beeswax blend using beeswax from my dad's apiary and each melt lasts for ~60 hours. That means the big bag of 5 melts includes ~300 hours of fragrance! Incredible.


4. Pumpkin Soufflé Scented Puffin Soy Candles & Tamarin Wax Melts

pumpkin soufflé puffin soy candle tamarin wax melts

These pumpkin soufflé candles scream Fall! They're sweet and cinnamon-y and make me want to cuddle up on the couch on a cool fall evening. They smell great and look cute too, and with Tamarins on the wax melts and puffins on the soy candles, these buddies are sure to get people asking about them. You can feel proud to share with your friends that each product is handmade with hand-drawn artwork and is packaged in eco-friendly packaging. (Even the wax melts are packaged in compostable baggies!) We love helping the Earth and everything on it, that includes you!


5. French Vanilla Scented Owl Soy Candles & Panda Wax Melts

Vanilla scented owl soy candle panda wax melts

True confessions: I love these melts and candles. The pandas are cute and the owl is sassy and the vanilla fragrance is so spot on its scary. Of all my candles and melts I sell, this is the one that people stock up on, year round. One customer buys 6 of these candles every time I see them. Another recently told me, "I have one in my bedroom that's almost out and my husband will be sad when it's gone--vanilla is his favorite." Keep the men in your life happy, folks, buy them vanilla-scented stuff.

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